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Welding Services in Auckland

  • Our team of fully certified welding professionals can help with your project, so get in touch with us today. We are:
  • Certified and experienced welders
  • Certified to work in confined spaces and at height
  • Experienced in high-quality, high-precision, and high-specification projects in the food production industry, water industry, gas industry, and more
  • Dedicated and committed to delivering excellent customer service
  • So, if you need welding, please contact a member of our team

Our Welding Services

  • The range of welding services we offer includes:

    • Welding – a full range of customisable welding services, including welding stainless steel, copper, and carbon steel components
    • Pipe fabrication – designing and developing the pipes your project needs
    • Pressure testing – testing the integrity of your system, particularly the welds, by stress testing it with water
    • Weld mapping – creating a map of the welds in your system for compliance reasons and for future references
    • Weld x-rays – checking the quality and integrity of each weld or a selection of welds without the need to damage the component for a physical inspection

    Get More Information and a Free Quote

    • If you have queries about any of our welding services, or you want to discuss your projects, please contact a member of our team. You will benefit from the advice of some of the most respected individuals in the welding industry.

    • We’ll also give you a free quote for the welding services you need. Please call today on 0274370240.