Pressure Testing

Weld Pressure Testing in Auckland

  • Do you need to check the integrity of your pipeline or system? For new installations, it is almost always required but there is a dependable solution – weld pressure testing. To be more precise, weld pressure testing from the team at Pipe Welding Services.
  • We have the skills and experience to comprehensively and effectively pressure test welds in your project. We also have all the necessary equipment including hydrostatic pressure testing equipment. This equipment is fully calibrated and well maintained to ensure the best results.
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Our Weld Pressure Testing Services Explained

  • We offer weld pressure testing services on-site that are fully customisable. That said, we typically test at a pressure that is 1.5 times higher than the pressure your system was designed for.
  • This will prove the integrity of your system while also finding faults. In an ideal world, there won’t be any faults, although finding faults at the weld pressure testing phase of an installation is much less costly to fix than the fault appearing when the system is in full operation. Finding and dealing with faults early also keeps disruption to a minimum.

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