Weld Maps

Weld Maps

  • Is a weld map part of the specification or requirements of your project? Do you need weld maps for another reason? Is so, contact us at Pipe Welding Services.
  • Our team has a great deal of experience working with companies and on projects in regulated sectors and other specialist industries, i.e.industries that have strict quality assurance and validation requirements.These requirements often include the production of weld maps.
  • The weld maps we produce will be highly accurate ensuring you have the location data you need to maintain the integrity of your system. In other words, when you want the job completed to the highest possible standard, you should call us.

Our Weld Map Services Explained

  • A weld map is essentially a drawing that shows the location of welds on a pipeline, assembly, or other component. This weld location is then typically crossed referenced with a weld log which details the technical data of the weld.
  • We can provide weld maps as part of our other welding services or as a standalone service. As with all our services, our weld map solutions are fully customisable.

Specialist Skills and Equipment

  • Creating accurate weld maps for your system is a task that requires experience, specific skills, and specialist equipment. We have all three, plus we have extensive experience in sectors like water, gas, and food and beverage.
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